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operators were killed. >> bob gates, who in that photo was off to my left, bob gates was in that same room when desert one happened, and so my first glance was at him. >> if this had failed in spectacular fashion, it would have blown up your presidency by all estimates, would have been your waterloo and perhaps your watergate consumed with hearings and inquiries. how trick did the specter of jimmy carter, desert one hang in the air here? >> i thought of it. i will tell you that there are moments in your presidency where you really do put politics aside. certainly we thought about the fact that if there was a failure here, it would have disastrous consequences for me politically. we knew the examples of the carter presidency, and we understood what happened there. but i tell you, the only thing that i was thinking about throughout this entire enterprise was, i really want to get those guys back home safe. >> as they watched the attack play out from the situation room, they could see the blackhawk pilot had managed a kind of controlled crash landing, but still that helicopter was the first c
secretive? how is it that you know how many times i've listened to a bob dylan song or any other song and yet we never get to know anything about you guys? >> we think holding our product plan secret is very important because people love surprises. >> this was one surprise apple could not have loved, the new samsung ad campaign. it's blistering, bold, damaging. it portrays apple products and people who love them as somehow passe and uncool, even desperate. it's a blunt instrument disguised as satire and it's a frontal attack on a ant that would have been unthinkable not too long ago. >> what did you just do? >> just sent my playlist. >> the galaxy s3. when do you think we'll be able to do that thing? >> hey. >> hey, mom, dad. >> thanks for holding our spot. >> you guys have fun. home by midnight, you two. >> the next big thing is already here. >> this ises the line for apps. >> the unmistakable message right there, apple products are for your parents. samsung makes the really cool stuff and they're much more casu about it. they came along and tried to paint those with white earbuds, a
't around. guess we just as well go back. well i'm a bob tail butter. howdy roy! fine hank, how are you? what you bring old hank? well maybe a new rifle? or have you already got one? oh hank don't like guns. people get hurt with guns roy. you had one right after dan barton was killed. wasn't mine, old hank found it. where is it now? old hank hid it, where nobody can ever find it. that could be the gun that killed dan barton. ♪ he was bad. he needed killing, better off dead. drunk all the time. beat his wife. he did huh? bad man barton. old hank knows plenty, hank see who wreck train. hank see who kill barton. he sees killer hide gun, old hank knows plenty. but he won't tell. you saw who wrecked that train over in nevada? you were there? glory halleljua, that was a sight to see. people were screaming and dying. who did it hank? come on tell me who wrecked that train. same one, same on that bush wacked barton. guess. you guess! well that could be you. better tell me if you want this present i brought ya. it's tobacco, sugar, bacon, salt... get down! ♪ you alrig
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)